This high-protein, brain-boosting trail mix is going to be your new favorite snack

This high-protein, brain-boosting trail mix is going to be your new favorite snack

This healthy trail mix is guaranteed to be your new energizing snack of choice. Here’s .

The 4 p.m. slump is one of the most persistent banes of existence. Unless you live in Spain and are allowed daily siestas to recharge your batteries, you’re likely well aware of the brain fog that sets in a few hours before you’re actually allowed to vacate the duties of your job. It’s intensely frustrating and difficult to combat, especially given that for many of us, caffeine is not a good idea that late in the day.

Personally, the only thing that works for me is a mid-to-late afternoon sweat sesh, but since most office workers can’t jet out for an hour to recharge with a workout, herbalist, founder, and host of Well+Good’s video series offers a more widely-adoptable solution: nootropic trail mix.

“Nootropics are another way of describing herbs, supplements, foods, and compounds that are great for our brains,” Robinett says. “This recipe is designed for the times of day…you’re feeling the lethargy or lowness or brain fog.”

One of two key ingredients in her brain-boosting blend is cordyceps mushrooms. Robinett explains that while all are great sources of antioxidants, cordyceps mushrooms are especially adept at providing the body with energy. “Cordyceps also enhance our cells’ ability to use oxygen, which is very important for brain circulation and cognitive function,” she says.

The second key ingredient is rosemary. “Rosemary is my personal favorite for use in the afternoon, when I want a pick-me-up and I’m not going to have caffeine,” Robinett says. “It’s pretty common to hear about the benefits of rosemary for memory or cognition, and for brain clarity—this comes from its ability to throughout the body, and especially the brain.”

Plus, the mix contains , which are packed with protein and fiber and help to stabilize blood sugar, as well as , which are protective against free radicals, anti-inflammatory, and good for heart health.

Watch the video to discover the fascinating origin story of cordyceps, discover rosemary’s impressive role in libido (and how this it linked to its impact on the brain) and, of course, get the recipe to this powerhouse trail mix so you don’t *have to* move to Spain in order to survive the day.

Digging the herbal edge offered by Robinett’s concoctions? , , or .


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