What are the best nootropics for improving either mood or motivation?

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There are many nootropics that can improve mood, but SSRI medication will probably more effective for a serious case of depression and lack of motivation. If you feel like this, you should consult your physician before attempting to self correct this issue. However if your case is not serious, and you are going through a patch of low mood and motivation, as people normally do from time to time, then certain nootropics can certainly help you to turn things around. Please be aware that natural nootropics are not ‘miracle drugs' (synthetic drugs can have a more instant effect, but the risks outweigh the benefits in the long run), so you must channel your inner motivation (we all have it) to overcome your problems and live the best life that you can live. Just focus on being the best version of yourself, and confidence will eventually follow (confidence is not knowing you have succeeded, but knowing that you have done your absolute best). Please read my answer below which describes how specific nootropics can help you with this:

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