End nicotine, sugar, or caffeine cravings using these five BRAIN FOOD supplements

End nicotine, sugar, or caffeine cravings using these five BRAIN FOOD supplements

( Natural News ) Most consumers who indulge themselves with mood-enhancing “treats” like sugar, nicotine, alcohol, or high doses of caffeine, are also paying a price on the back end when the dopamine “crutch” wears off, and they experience what has come to be known as the “chemical hangover.” With the chemical hangover, the only mainstream “relief” for it comes as more of the same, which compounds the pain and agony when it runs out or can’t be accessed due to location. Anyone who smokes, vapes or boozes up regularly knows this suffering all too well, like when they’re stuck at work, on a plane or train, at an event or training, or even at the movies. That’s when the chemical hangover kicks in, whether in the form of anxiety, headaches, energy crashes or just plain depression.

So why do people over-indulge in nicotine , sugar and caffeine to begin with? It’s not usually because of some dare to take as much as they can and see how “wild” they feel. It’s a long term curse that keeps getting worse, as your body builds tolerance, and you have to consume more and more to get that “fix.” Yes, it’s a fix, like a drug. And it’s got a hangover, like a drug.

Yet, Mother Nature has a cure for everything, you just have to find it and take it. There’s a counter for everything, and some of these supplements and superfoods have been around for thousands of years, working their magic for the health and longevity enthusiasts who know the secret power of the most powerful herbs, tinctures and powders. Some of these superfoods include: #1. Chaga Mushrooms

#2. Rhodiola

#3. Schisandra Berry

#4. Vitamin B-12 (as Methylcobalamin)

#5. Mucuna – Krave Kicker

Chaga spores levitate to fight aging and increase longevity

#1. Without a doubt, chaga mushrooms are the premiere way to boost immune function, cognitive function and longevity. If you take it by tincture, you’ll feel it kick in within minutes, heightening your awareness, your mood and your drive to improve your life and the world. For an elevated feeling that lasts for hours, try chaga mushrooms in powder (capsules) or tincture form, and look for organic to get the most bang for your buck. Ready to drop the “nic” crutch and boost your immunity with some cancer-fighting chaga spores ? Get with the program and “swallow it whole.” Get healthy.

#2. Ever heard of an herb called Rhodiola Rosea (pronounced like rodeo – la – ro – zay-ya), also known as rose root? Most smokers and people who eat processed food every day aren’t seeking out natural remedies like rose root, so they have no idea that the rewards for simply supplementing properly outweigh the hurt they’re inflicting on themselves from continued overuse of those immediately gratifying bad habits. It’s all about the reward with natural remedies, with no side effects, hangovers, crashes or ill-health effects. Looking to regulate those hormones and fix depression? Want to increase endurance and energy? Rhodiola is an adaptogen that helps your body adapt to stressful situations (mental and physical) that throw you off balance. Get it? That’s why smokers smoke and vapers vape – because stress throws them off balance and darkens their outlook. Stressed at work? Try rhodiola.

#3. Schisandra berry packs a stronger energy punch than most “energy” drinks out there, but few people know it. Native to Russia and northeast China, these sweet-n-pungent adaptogen berries are dried in the sun and put in supplements. For increased physical endurance due to fatigue reduction, schisandra berry also increases mental performance . How valuable is THAT when you’re trying to quit or cut back on nicotine, sugar or caffeine? Key supplement combination: Vitamin B-12 with mucuna pruriens makes a world of difference

Get numbers 4 and 5 together in new supplement beverage invention that kicks nicotine and sugar cravings for hours on end, and effectively. It’s time to balance your central nervous system and help boost dopamine production at the same time. That’s how you beat and defeat the chemical hangover from smoking, vaping or even over-consuming caffeine and sugar. That, my friends, brings us to the key supplement Vitamin B-12, and you should seek it in the form of methylcobalamin . This is how you find balance when the pesticides from cigarettes hit you, when that nicotine wears off and you can’t “resume” business as usual. Feeling anxious? Feeling nervous? Getting stressed and depressed as the nicotine, sugar and caffeine wear off?

Now, a revolutionary, evolutionary blend of key supplements that have never been introduced to the beverage industry before. The new supplement beverage Krave Kicker is the ultimate dopamine boost . Backed by solid science and peer-reviewed research , a superfood called mucuna pruriens helps boost dopamine levels in a safe and very effective way.

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