Know The Power Of Brahmi Herb In Keeping Mental Well-being

Know The Power Of Brahmi Herb In Keeping Mental Well-being

Brahmi is a potent Ayurvedic herb that provides many health benefits. Here are some reasons why brahmi is good for mental health. If this coronavirus pandemic situation and home quarantine is taking a toll on your mental health, you must go the Ayurveda way to secure it. Admittedly, we are feeling under the blue, frustrated and agitated all these days due to the pandemic situation and restrictions. We aren’t taking breaks as we used to on normal days, no going on weekend brunches, no monthly road trips, nothing! This is making our mental health suffer the most. If you are looking to restore mental peace and sanity, Ayurveda has a solution in Brahmi or Bacopa Monneiri.

Brahmi is a powerful herb that can unlock the shackles of mental health woes including stress and anxiety. The Journal of Frontiers in Pharmacology published a study according to which Brahmi has therapeutic properties that can restore mental health. This Ayurvedic herb improves nerve transmission in the brain to boost cognitive functions.

Here are five mental health benefits of Bacopa Monneiri aka Brahmi. Stress and Anxiety Relief

The two most common issues that people are facing these days are stress and anxiety. Blame it on pandemic pressure or lockdown restrictions, our stress and anxiety levels have touched the seventh sky. From mood swings to unnecessary arguments to fights, we are facing it all due to stress. Consuming Brahmi herb can help. It has anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties to release stress and reduce anxiety.

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Elderly people are at a greater risk of developing Alzheimer’s condition. This is a serious disease that cannot be treated by any means and older adults are at maximum risk. Not only do they suffer memory loss but also depression and hallucinations that are difficult to cope with. If you have older people living with you, give them Brahmi every day to prevent this risk . A study claimed that Brahmi has the power to prevent mental decline and avert forgetfulness issues. Improves memory, focus and concentration

Many people who are working from home are complaining about poor concentration, loss of focus and forgetfulness. They are unable to memorize things that may create complications in later life. You can boost your brain cells by consuming Brahmi daily. Get yourself a bottle of herbal capsules for ease of consumption. Brahmi helps with epilepsy condition

The Journal of Frontiers in Pharmacology published this study on Brahmi which finds that this herb has stroke therapy effects. It may help the patients of epilepsy in controlling inflammation, convulsions, nervous breakdown, strokes and seizures in the patients of epilepsy. Since seizures can get triggered at any time and may turn fatal, it is necessary to aid the problem with a proven natural solution like this Ayurvedic herb. Calms and relaxes the mind

At the end of the day, all we need is a calm and relaxed mind with no stress and worries. Brahmi has the power to do it as it effectively calms the nerves and relaxes the mind by boosting oxygenation. It makes us feel good even after a tiring day. It also keeps our heart and lungs healthy to promote holistic wellness.

This humble herb surely deserves to be in your daily routine.

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