Lion’s Fuel Fitness-Enhancement Products are Now Available on Amazon

Apr 22, 2021 15:02 UTC

SALT LAKE CITY–(Business Wire)– Ageless Global, LLC. (The “Company” or “Ageless”), a leading developer and supplier of physician-backed, clinically tested wellness products, announced today its suite of fitness enhancement products, Lion’s Fuel, is now available for purchase through Amazon.

Lion’s Fuel aims to deliver performance-enhancing ingredients to help users get into and stay in shape, recover faster, fight fatigue, and perform better. As many fitness enthusiasts are looking to get back in shape after quarantine, these products are designed for athletic and life-performance enhancement to keep users feeling their best before, during, and after getting active.

Lion’s Fuel Diet Fuel can be purchased directly on Amazon here:
Lion’s Fuel Mental Edge Capsule here:
Lion’s Fuel Muscle Refresh Cream here:

Lion’s Fuel Diet Fuel is a zero-calorie weight loss supplement powder added to water or other drinks, supercharged with key minerals, metabolism enhancers, electrolytes, and fat burners to accelerate and support weight loss efforts. The formula is packed with essential minerals like chromium, vanadium, magnesium, guarana, and potassium, used as fat burners to lose weight and stay lean. The drink is currently offered in a 30-serving size for $29.95.

Lion’s Fuel Mental Edge Capsules are a brain-booster supplement for focus, memory, clarity, energy, and attention span. The product contains targeted nootropics and adaptogens to naturally support your body’s dopamine levels delivering a mental edge. Mental Edge contains L-theanine and caffeine, which can boost brain health and performance on cognitive tasks. The blend also contains Panax ginseng, which may help improve mental performance, enhance mood, reduce memory loss and anxiety, and boost overall brain health. Each dose of Mental Edge contains 1000 mg of nootropics and adaptogens to support dopamine levels and enhance mental clarity. The product is currently offered in a 60-capsule bottle for $29.95.

Lion’s Fuel Muscle Refresh Cream is a pain-relieving muscle cream that helps an achy body bounce back and feel better. Loaded with natural pain-relieving essential oils that work faster and are more effective, this cream provides deep relief for aches and pains in your muscles or joints. The product is currently offered in a 4-oz bottle for $29.95.

“We are excited to list our suite of fitness enhancement products on Amazon’s platform to extend our customer base and overall audience reach,” commented Darren Lopez, Co-Founder and Managing Member of Ageless Global. “As many people return to gyms after quarantining during the pandemic, we created Lion’s Fuel products to give those looking to reset focus on their health and fitness a helping hand. These products complement standard exercise programs, weight loss programs, and specialized diets, such as Keto or intermittent fasting plans.”

You can find more information on Lion’s Fuel here:

About Ageless Global, LLC.:

Ageless Global, LLC. was founded by medical professionals specializing in anti-aging, alternative/integrative medicine, health & wellness, and pain management. The Company’s portfolio of technology and products currently include two patent-pending products. In addition, the Company has developed a suite of natural wellness products in the pain management, focus and brain health, ECS health and weight loss markets. View source version on

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