Racetams: An Overview

Racetams: An Overview

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Originally Posted On: https://mindzymes.com/racetams/ A class of Nootropics, known as Racetams, have taken the market by storm, and their users have been sharing stories from around the world. They describe how this amazing… A class of Nootropics, known as Racetams, have taken the market by storm, and their users have been sharing stories from around the world. They describe how this amazing group of supplements can increase cognitive abilities, such as; focus, motivation, creativity and memory. Today, we’re going to break down the Racetam family, and introduce you to a few of the most popular ones on the market. First and foremost

Racetams are manufactured Nootropics, and they contain many of the effective properties found in natural ones. Within the family of Nootropics, Racetams are identified by the similarities in their chemical structures, and they all have a wide array of therapeutic effects on the body. Many of them operate by increasing the flow of blood, oxygen, glucose, or other nutrients throughout the body. The more your brain is supplied with these elements, the better your brain will function. This means heightened concentration and focus, increased brain stamina, and a reduction in the degeneration of brain cells.

For the most part, Racetams trigger the glutamate receptors that are contained within the same cells as the cholinergic receptors. Glutamate and acetylcholine, two important neurotransmitters, play a vital role in cognitive function and human action, and are on the receiving end of these receptors.

Glutamate exists in various parts of the body, but its highest concentration is in the nervous system, and the brain. It is responsible for making sure signals between nerve cells send correctly, and it plays an extremely important role in learning and memory.

Acetylcholine, on the other hand, is the most widely used neurotransmitter in the body, and is responsible for activating cholinergic receptors. At the center of the parasympathetic nervous system, Acetylcholine works to restore the feeling of normalcy after a stressful incident, and works to restore calmness. It’s also the neurotransmitter that signals muscles to contract and/or flex, making it incredibly important for athletes. Most importantly though, the brain uses Acetylcholine for cognition, which gives us the ability to learn, retain and connect memories and information.

Given the importance of these two neurotransmitters, it’s easy to see why the Racetam family of Nootropics can be such an important, and often overlooked, way to improve your well-being.

Racetams also boost the communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. By increasing the communication between the two hemispheres, you may enhance the speed of idea formation, which may result in being able to recall memories faster. The strengthened communication between the left and right side of the brain will also lead to a greater level of cognitive function.

There are a variety of Racetam Nootropics available today, and it’s difficult to decide which one might be right for you. Anyone who is considering enhancing their overall mental output must consider the varying experiences Nootropics can offer, in order to create the right plan for their individual biochemistry.

Listed below are a few of the best, and most widely-used Racetams, as well as their recorded benefits, side effects, and stacking recommendations.

Considered to be one of the safest, and mildest Nootropics available, due to its low acute toxicity levels. Piracetam is a good choice to introduce yourself to the use of Racetams, and Nootropics as a whole.

Piracetam is widely considered to improve the blood flow to the brain, and signals essential neurotransmitters to aid in cognitive functions, such as; mental energy, information and memory retention, motivation and increased sensory awareness. Research has shown that taking Piracetam may boost the absorption of neurons in the brain, which makes it more accessible for vital nutrients to enter, and for waste to be easier disposed of. It should be noted, that in order for benefits of Piracetam to show, one must research for the correct usage, and dosage. It may take a couple of weeks of taking the amount needed, in order for a person to begin to notice improvements in memory, creativity and mood. Some benefits of Piracetam include the following:

Research has indicated that taking Piracetam has shown benefits in the treatment of some mental, and physical ailments, such as cognitive decline due to age, alcoholism and schizophrenia.

Binge eating disorder, or BED, is a stress-related disease that has also been studied in regards to Piracetam. BED is described as an intake of large quantities of food during an acute period of time. Because the acetylcholine levels are compromised during an episode of BED, it leads to deficits in cognition and a sharp increase in anxiety. A study performed on animals in 2018 indicated that Piracetam regulates levels of acetylcholine, which decreased BED related cognitive deficiencies, essentially limiting the binge eating behavior and body weight.

Studies of Piracetam have shown that it is also efficient in alleviating symptoms related to stress, anxiety, limited coordination and depression. In fact, in patients who experience drug-resistant depression symptoms, Piracetam may provide an additional therapy that shows compelling, rapid clinical improvement.

Piracetam is primarily known as a cognitive enhancer, and clinical trials indicate that it is extremely effective in boosting brainpower, notably with concentration, and memory. Although the effects of Piracetam in cognition are significant in individuals of all ages, it is most compelling in older adults who are experiencing a decline in cognition due to age.

Piracetam increases synaptic plasticity by improving blood flow in the brain, and raising the function and production of vital brain chemicals, or by creating new connections between neurons, which are important to learning.

Piracetam users have self-reported improved focus, increased energy levels, and a boost in creativity, especially when taken as a stack with choline. Studies have bolstered the self-reports by showing that Piracetam enhances verbal learning in healthy students, in addition to those who have dyslexia.

Piracetam’s benefits are associated with increased blood flow to the brain, and increased cellular membrane fluidity, which when taken with choline, enhances memory in older adults.

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