What Foods Should Be Consumed During Dementia

What Foods Should Be Consumed During Dementia
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Dementia disease and foods that help prevent dementia.

Dementia disorder related to memory,symptoms include memory loss,limited social skills and thinking abilities.Dementia also causes change in mood and behavior.The problem of dementia occurs when the brain is damaged by a disease like Alzheimer's or stroke chain.Generally the main cause of dementia is Alzheimer's.People who suffer from dementia have less memory and face problems in daily tasks.Because we are dependent on our brain for all our work,people with dementia can not do their daily work properly. The memory of these individuals can be weak. They can usually have difficulty in everyday calculations and they can also feel the difficulty of working with their bank and other financial work.If there is a party at home then organizing it can be difficult for them. Sometimes they can also forget which city they are in or which year or month is going on.Problem in speaking and does not understand the correct words.Changing their behavior and personality can also change.It may also be that they use rude language or behave indecently,or be cut off from all people. Year after year,the condition of the person with dementia becomes worse and in later stages patient face many problems such as walking,talking or eating properly,chewing and ingest and depends on others.If you are experiencing serious symptoms,consult the doctor as soon as possible.However,there are some foods that help prevent dementia.These foods also provide adequate nutrients to the body and also improve the functioning of the brain.

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Eating broccoli increases brain function.The broccoli has choline,which improves the memory and enhances the better cognitive abilities.To prevent dementia,increase the intake of broccoli.


Berries are rich sources of anthocyanin, which inhibits dementia and Alzheimer's.In addition,there are vitamins C,E and antioxidant in the berries,which are important for better mental health.Eat blueberries,cherries and strawberries for better results.

Curry leaves

Eating curry leaves is beneficial to stop dementia.Curry leaves prevent the spread of plaque in the brain.


Include more beans in your diet to increase brain function and prevent dementia.Beans are rich sources of iron,potassium,magnesium and folate material which are important for neurons and other physical functions.


Researchers say that mushrooms contain bioactive compounds that can increase the growth of nerve cells in the brain and protect against neurotoxis stimulants such as swelling that cause neurodegenerative disorders.

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