Brain boosting power tips: Ways to improve memory *

Brain boosting power tips: Ways to improve memory *
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Forgetting things feels awful. It can make your stomach wrench, curdle, and drop. From remembering when there’s a doctor’s appointment, to changing your car’s oil, to picking up the kids from school—most people have plenty to remember every day and this can be overwhelming – to say the least. In boosting your brain’s power, you can work to improve memory and mind-related skills in a practical manner, in order to reduce the repercussions of letting something slip your mind.

How Does Brain-Boosting Improve Memory?

What is brain-boosting? Brain-boosting is like a workout for the mind. It uses exercises and certain challenges to make you sharper and better at accessing knowledge stored in your brain.

In fact, one of the best things you can do to boost brain power and improve memory is to learn new things and develop new habits and practices daily. What does this entail, exactly?

Well, according to sources, when we do the same thing repeatedly, our brain can become passive and begin functioning on the same level consistently. However, if we learn to challenge the brain and the way it processes information; such as what happens when we learn a new language, athletic skill, or hobby; the brain begins to function on higher, more efficient levels.

“Every time you learn something new, your brain changes in a pretty substantial way,” says this Lifehacker article.

According to Cornell University, researchers have learned that when an individual becomes proficient at something through practice, their brain no longer needs to work as hard.

“The researchers found that the brain regions that are involved in attention-demanding activities are less active after training compared with before,” writes the Cornell Chronicle. “Whereas the brain regions that typically are at rest (known as the default network), became more active.”

In addition to keeping the brain on its toes, so-to-speak, you can also improve memory and brain function by switching bad habits to good ones, and by overall having a positive attitude.

“When Stanford researchers[1] recently peered into the brains of students to see how attitude affects achievement,” writes, “they found something startling. Your outlook on learning, it turns out, matters just as much as your IQ.”

So, how do you turn negative thoughts into positive ones in order to boost brain power and improve memory? First, to weed out negative thoughts one must be able to see any of their own negative thought patterns clearly.

For example, if you are angry that you are running late for work, try taking a deep breath and replacing those thoughts, instead, with thoughts of the beautiful day, how proud you are of your vehicle, etc.… These thoughts can be different for everyone, but the point is: many people can find something, albeit small, to focus on that is positive for the time being.

Memory Supplements as an Alternative to Brain Exercises for Improving Memory

There are several memory supplements to improve memory and brain power.

How do these supplements work, and are they safe for everyone? Before any significant lifestyle or dietary change is undertaken, it is always best to run it by a trained healthcare professional, first, to avoid any complications or negative repercussions.

Memory supplements work by offering the brain the components it needs to function appropriately and efficiently while staying sharp.

“Some memory supplements will contain a single ingredient while others will contain a mix of ingredients often labeled as a “proprietary blend,” writes Be Brain Fit.

In some cases, supplements to improve memory and brain cognition are called nootropics.

According to sources, the following elements are often included in nootropics and memory supplements, and are thought to improve brain power:

      1. Huperzine-A

      2. Rhodiola

      3. Ginkgo Biloba

      4. Lion’s Mane

      5. Tryptophan

These 5 items boost brain power and improve memory by increasing positive components of the brain, such as dopamine, which is known to improve mood, concentration, and focus.

What are some additional memory supplements available to improve memory? Some information on a popular memory boosting product can be found below.

Provasil reviews

Provasil[2] is a memory and brain booster that comes in tablet form.

“Provasil is a comprehensive, scientifically-developed blend of herbal extracts and brain-nourishing nutrients designed to help you stay mentally sharp as you age,” says

Provasil reviews support that this product can positively influence memory recall, focus, attention span, and other aspects of brain function. Many say that they see results with memory and concentration after a couple of months.

Provasil contains the following ingredients to improve memory function and boost brain power:

      1. L-Glutamine

      2. Vitamin C

      3. Biotin

      4. B12

      5. Folic acid

      6. Choline Bitartrate

      7. Ginkgo Leaf

      8. Bacopa Monnieri

      9. Resveratrol

      10. Docosahexaenoic acid

      11. Panax Ginseng Root

      12. Phosphatidylserine

These ingredients have been known to improve memory function with regular use. Each one provides a unique set of benefits, which range from relieving fatigue to enhancing mental alertness, focus, and awareness.



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