Can Nootropic Supplements Make You Smarter

Can Nootropic Supplements Make You Smarter
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Can Nootropic Supplements Make You Smarter

Reviewing Provasil and Other Nootropic Supplements :

A question highly debated is: can nootropic supplements make you smarter?

Many people believe they contain effective compounds and elements that can improve brain function and memory retention. But, to fully understand if nootropics work, it is first important to understand how they work.

Piracetam (Nootropyl) was first brought to fruition and coined by Corneliu E. Giurgea sometime during the 1950s or 60s, according to sources. It was a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant that promoted focus and clarity while clearing up ‘brain fog’ or mental fuzziness.

“The term nootropic comes from a Greek word meaning ‘acting on the mind,’” writes the Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute (CERI)[1]. “Piracetam enhances cognition under conditions of hypoxia (too little oxygen),” they write, “and also enhances memory and some kinds of learning in normal humans. Outside of the US, piracetam is used to treat alcoholism, stroke, vertigo, senile dementia, sickle cell anemia…”

In addition, some claim that nootropics can shield neurons that exist within your brain from damage caused by aging and the accumulation of environmental toxins. As we get older, the brain and other body functions experience a natural decline or setbacks.

However, according to researchers with the American Psychological Association, there are ways to maintain mental clarity and focus as you age. These include behavioral improvements and strategies, as well as implementing healthy and beneficial foods, nutrients, and elements into your diet, which improve brain and memory function.

“Challenging oneself by learning a new language or playing a new musical instrument,” says the American Psychological Association (APA), “may be a solution to preventing memory problems or the development of dementia or Alzheimer’s.”

Today, top rated nootropics supplements contain elements like piracetam and similar compounds, as well as other natural compounds known to increase intelligence and brain function. These can include:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Gingko Biloba
  • Ginseng
  • Huperzine-A

These all work to improve intelligence and supplement brain and cognitive functioning.

Brain Injuries and Memory Loss

Aside from aging and other environmental factors, brain injuries and memory loss can also alter the functions of memory and the brain.

How do brain injuries lead to memory loss?

“There are several kinds of memory,” writes Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center (MSKTC)[2], “and TBI (traumatic brain injury) affects some more than others.”

There are two major types of memory, which are short-term and long-term. Short term memory typically holds information for no longer than 20 to 30 seconds at a time, while long-term memory is capable of a story an infinite amount of data forever.

The limbic system is mostly thought to control the procession of memory. A memory begins with our perceptive tools, such as eyes, ears, sense of smell, and touch, etc.… It is then stored as either a short or long-term memory. Typically, the more important an event or, the more a person is exposed to something, the more likely it is to become a part of long-term memory storage.

According to sources, those suffering from a brain injury may have difficulty remembering new things or skills. This is because of the how the brain is affected following injury. The way an injury is expressed usually depends on what part of the brain has been damaged, and the extent of an injury.

Provasil: Reviews of this Nootropic and Others

Provasil reviews suggest this nootropic supplement is beneficial in assisting with improving cognitive abilities.

It contains certain ingredients, such as Vitamins C and B12, along with other effective ingredients for improving brain function.

What Does Provasil Do?

According to, Provasil is capable of boosting memory, intensifying focus, increasing mental performance, and improving recall and recognition.

“Our complete blend of ingredients combines compounds that optimize various processes essential to good mental function…” writes, “This is what makes Provasil the most revolutionary and most effective natural focus and memory enhancement product available today!”

According to the makers of Provasil[3], this supplement works by promoting the release of an important neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, which is the same neurotransmitter implemented during times of learning something new or creating a memory.

“It helps the brain encode memories,” writes the site. “Information can then be retrieved at a later date.”

How Do People Feel about Provasil?

Those who have used and reviewed Provasil say it is helpful and can assist with everything from remembering a lunch date to finding your car keys.

“I was getting very distressed about the state of my memory,” writes one Provasil reviewer.

In addition to the alleged benefits promoted by Provasil, others who have used and reviewed the product mention that it also has unexpected benefits, such as better sleep.

“I started taking Provasil as I had heard it was very effective at improving focus and memory,” write another user at “What I wasn’t expecting, however, was what a difference it would make to my sleep.”

Provasil is not a prescription drug and can be bought online because it contains several naturally-occurring herbs, nutrients, and elements.

While Provasil can be beneficial in improving learning, memory retention, and other cognitive functions, those looking to take Provasil should consult with a trusted health care provider beforehand.

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