Seven Natural Ways To Boost Your Memory

Seven Natural Ways To Boost Your Memory
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Seven Natural Ways To Boost Your Memory

BrainExcell expert gives their advice for boosting brain function

Today, more and more people are striving for greatness, with pressure from society to excel in all aspects of life – from the best career, to the best house, family life, best body and seeming ability to do it all.

With so much going on it’s understandable that we sometimes struggle to remember things, which is why Ryan Maguire, founder of BrainExcell, has given his advice for boosting your memory, the natural way.

He said: “There are a number of surprisingly effective natural supplements to boost your memory. As with every other cognitive function, memory works in different ways depending on what you’re doing.

“Scientists have studied many different types of memory function, from memorising short pieces of information as you might for an exam, to recalling long distant memories of things you have seen or heard. Different combinations of natural supplements can be used to enhance these different aspects of memory.”

Ginkgo biloba leaf extract

“Tests have shown this plant leaf to be highly effective when it comes to memorising numbers and patterns. This simple extract works by improving blood flow to the brain and therefore helps overall brain health. Of course, this is incredibly useful while dealing with large calculations, or even just adding up the cost of the last round of drinks you ordered.”

Korean panax ginseng extract

“For centuries this “all healing” herb has been common in Chinese medicine. In more modern studies, this supplement has been shown to prevent nerve cell damage within the brain. After dosing for several weeks at a time, it has been shown to improve working and long-term memory, making it a great addition to your supplement regimen.”

Bacopa monnieri extract

“When isolated and extracted, this is another fantastic memory supplement that originates in the cells of plants. Widely used in India as a traditional medicine, its intellectual and memory enhancing effects have been enjoyed for a long time. Again, this anecdotal evidence is backed up by modern science; tests have shown it helps with memory function, specifically in learning.”


“This compound is an amino acid, a chemical building block that must be present for your body to create certain chemicals for your brain. Widely used as a nootropic, studies have shown it can benefit memory when taken as a supplement and is useful for diffusing the effects of stress.”


“Another amino acid, this natural supplement prevents cell damage and promotes communication within the brain. Studies have shown it can help reduce memory loss in certain situations.”


“This is a substance that is found in many different cell membranes within the body. Studies have shown that when taken as a supplement it can also work to improve memory and also help the brain with the repair of damaged cells.”


“This chemical is used to by your body to create acetylcholine which is used in the formation of new memory. It can also help slow down age-related declines in brain function.”

Working together

“Individually, these naturally memory enhancers can have a really positive impact on memory. While they aren’t necessarily going to help you memorise a whole deck of cards in 20 seconds, they may give you the edge you need to take your daily productivity up a notch. It is when they are combined, however, that they can really give you the edge over the competition. When it comes to working, studying or challenging cognitive computations, combining these amazing natural supplements in just the right amount has the potential to supercharge your mind.”

BrainExcell is a brand-new range of nootropics supplements, that can improve cognitive functions and are especially effective in augmenting creativity, memory, concentration and the ability to learn.

BrainExcell are the only nootropics products on the market containing 100% natural ingredients, meaning that the blends provide safe, effective assistance in boosting cognitive powers.

Backed by endless scientific research and decades of experience, BrainExcell Focus are premium supplements designed to improve your mental, psychological and physical well-being, and BrainExcell Sleep nootropics allow you to effortlessly fall asleep within minutes, yet wake up feeling refreshed without any drowsiness.

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