The Complete Nootropic Drugs Guide Condensed

A Brief History Are you a college student smack in the middle of your exam season and you just realized that the traditional miracle elixirs (energy drinks and coffee) are not really working that well anymore? Are you a competitive young professional looking to get an edge over your coworkers, when the big boss starts considering whose idea is brilliant enough to land them that prestigious promotion? Or maybe you would just like to learn about boosting your brain without us guessing at who you are? No problem, fam, we got you covered in every situation. Take a look at this condensed guide to the world of nootropic drugs that we put together for you and see how you can supercharge your brain power with their help. Digging Deeper What are nootropic drugs anyway? Nootropics themselves are a group of chemical substances which have the effect of improving brain functions like memory, mood, or focus. Nootropic drugs are, for lack of a better word, supplements that have these substances as their active ingredients. You can learn more about active ingredients and the structure of medicines at this link . Some of the other names for these supplements that you can come across are cognitive boosters, memory enhancers, neuro-enhancers, or brain boosters; however, a nootropic drug is not the same thing as a “smart drug”. How is a nootropic different from a “smart drug”? A group of 20 mg Adderall tablets, some broken in half, with a lengthwise-folded US dollar bill along the bottom (3.07 inches; 7.8 cm) for size comparison. Photograph by Seppi 333 . Like we already said, nootropics are targeted at enhancing learning and memory; in other words, they improve the natural cognitive abilities and protect the brain from influences that would reduce those abilities. They will […]

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