Nootropic Supplements to Boost Memory & Brain Function

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Nootropics is a class of supplements that have a beneficial effect on the function if your brain and memory. Many of these nootropic supplements can be a great way to gain a boost in everything from memory, motivation, alertness, and overall cognitive function. Here is a list of nootropic supplements out there that you can try to start improving your brain function.


One of the most recognized and widely used nootropics, caffeine is a common natural stimulant that works by prompting the brain and central nervous system. While most of us have seen the powerful energizing effects of caffeine, studies have also shown that is effective in improving your memory, increasing reaction times, and increasing your overall brain function.

Ginkgo Biloba

One of the oldest tree species on the planet, ginkgo biloba has been used as a powerful brain booster for centuries. Utilizing the fruits, seeds, and leaves from this tree, ginkgo biloba can alleviate depression and a variety of mental-health conditions, while providing a powerful boost of antioxidants that can improve cognitive function.


Found in turmeric, curcumin has been shown to increase mental focus while reducing brain fog. The curcuminoids found in curcumin are effective at fighting oxidative stress caused by free radicals, boosting neural connections in the process.


This important omega-3 fatty acid plays an important role in boosting brain function and stimulating new growth of brain cells. Research into DHA has even shown it to be an effective chemical in reducing the effects of Alzheimer’s patients.


This amino acid has a number of health benefit that can help reduce the effects of neuroinflammation. It has shown to be effective in reducing the progression of mental deterioration, but it also can be a powerful mood and cognition enhancer, all the while improving focus.


This natural substance is found naturally in the body, If taken in high enough doses, it can improve memory and thinking skills. One study found that taking creatine resulted in an a 25-50% increase in memory when taking an intelligence test, proving it to be a powerful brain boosting nootropic.

Rhodiola Rosea

This supplement has been a staple in traditional Chinese medicine and is used to promote overall well-being and healthy brain function. It can also improve mental processing and can be an effective fatigue reducer.

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