This New Blend Of Nootropics is Clinically Proven to Enhance Brain Function

This New Blend Of Nootropics is Clinically Proven to Enhance Brain Function
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Every day, millions of Americans start their day with a hit of caffeine. For most, the preferred method of delivery is coffee. Over 60 percent of the population drinks at least one cup of the bean juice per day. But obviously there are other ways to get your fix, whether it’s an elegant cup of tea, or an energy drink loaded with supplements.

Of course, the reason for our caffeine intake is that we need to wake up and focus on the things we have to get done. Also, it doesn’t hurt that coffee and tea (sorry, not you, energy drinks) are delicious. But what if there was a better way to give your brain a boost? What if there was something that, in addition to making you feel awake, could actually increase your ability to focus, enhance verbal fluency, and improve mental output?

Well, thanks to a couple of neuroscience PhDs from UCLA, there is. It’s called TruBrain.

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Created by Dr. Andrew Hill and Dr. Aida Attar, in collaboration with former Unilever executive Chris Thompson, TruBrain is basically a nutrient-packed brain fuel that enhances brain function, helping you remember more and think with greater clarity. Right now TruBrain’s specially formulated blend of nootropics comes in either 1oz shots or 45g energy bars. But in both cases, the key ingredients are neurotransmitter-enhancing substances called nootropics.

Now, we’ve talked about the benefits of nootropics in this space before. But for those who don’t know, nootropics are amino acids, nutrients, and minerals that the brain uses for fuel. They are found in a variety of whole foods such as spinach, artichokes, and kale, but in relatively small quantities that don’t significantly impact brain function. That’s where TruBrain comes in.

Unlike some so-called “smart pill” products out there, TruBrain is not based on pseudoscience. They don’t promise to turn you into a rocket scientist overnight. The active nootropics in TruBrain are scientifically proven to do two very specific things in your brain. First, they increase blood flow, bringing more oxygen and glucose to the neurons. This increases brain cell metabolism, thereby enhancing plasticity, which is a brain cell’s ability to make new neural connections. Second, the nootropics in TruBrain modulate receptors in the brain, making them more receptive. This allows for faster and more efficient communication between neurons—or in other words, higher brain function.

So how is TruBrain better than just drinking a nice strong cup of coffee? To answer this question, we have to look at how caffeine works on the brain.

Caffeine promotes alertness and wakefulness by blocking the neurotransmitters for drowsiness. Basically, it stops something from happening in your brain. That’s not a bad thing. But it doesn’t actively promote higher brain function. The nootropics in TruBrain do. They help your brain build better neural connections and function more efficiently.

But TruBrain doesn’t just work in theory. Third party clinical trials and EEG brainwave analysis have shown that TruBrain’s nootropics increase alpha brain wave activity, enhance verbal fluency, and improve memory and learning. And TruBrain is also 100-percent safe. It’s toxicity is lower than salt or vitamin C, and zero short-term or long-term side effects have been reported.

So, if you need to get more out of your brain and caffeine alone just isn’t cutting it, TruBrain is definitely worth a look.

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